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Judo NB is the provincial organizing body that helps the promotions and operations of Judo in the province.

Judo is a highly respected sport with a great history and an exciting future. Judo in New Brunswick has been alive and vibrant in the province for many years and is continually growing. 

Our Mission

The mission of Judo NB is to promote and encourage the principles promoted by the Long Term Athlete Development Model in order to create high level athletes as well as to provide this service to communities within the province.

Our Vision

  • To have several athletes represent Canada for Judo

  • Professional and high level tournaments offered for athletes looking to compete in the province

  • Judo NB to be recognized as one of the Nation's leaders in the popularization of judo programs aimed at disadvantaged populations.

  • Judo NB assists in successful introduction of judo in various education institutions/organizations across the province

Our Values

  • Judo NB recognizes the following  values as fundamental to the achievement of its mission:

  • Sportsmanship and fair play

  • Safe environment

  • Excellence of judo programs offered across Canada.

  • Integrity

  • Positive leadership and respect for others

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