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Referee Pathway

Getting Started


  • Identify your interest to your club Sensei

  • Download and read IJF Referee rules

  • Practice in your club during randori sessions

  • Attend provincial clinics

  • Watch referees in action live or online


Provincial A


Provincial A Certification is the responsibility of Judo New Brunswick

Candidates should be:

  • Member of Judo New Brunswick

  • Active in Judo

  • Minimum rank Nikyu

  • Minimum age 16

  • Competition background an asset

  • Attend and referee at least five tournaments

  • Attend provincial certification clinic (Theory)

  • Referee at age group tournament (Practical)

National level certifications are the responsibility of the National Referee Committee

From the Judo Canada National Referee Committee Policy and Procedures:


National A/B/C



3.1.1 There are three levels of National Referee Certification in Canada:

- National "A"

- National "B"

- National "C"

3.1.2 Candidates must be:

National “A” and “B”: Shodan rank or higher.

National “C”: Minimum Brown Belt and in exceptional circumstances maybe be

evaluated to National “B”.

3.1.3 Candidates must have a thorough knowledge of the "IJF Refereeing Rules and

Sporting Rules (pertaining to Refereeing aspects)" and interpretations.

3.1.4 Candidates must possess a Judo Canada passport and be a member in good


3.1.5 Candidates should hold his/her current certification for approximately one year

before being nominated for the next level of certification.

3.1.6 Referees with foreign National certification may apply for Canadian classification

through their respective provincial association. Documentation which indicates

the foreign referee rank and activity should be forwarded by the Provincial

Referee Committee. The "National Referee Committee" may invite such

individuals to officiate at selected events in order to assess competency and certify

such individuals at an appropriate National level.

3.1.7 The "Application Form – National Referee Examination ",

completed in full and signed by the Provincial Referee Chairperson, must be

received by the Judo Canada office 30 days in advance of the examination date.

The examination fee of $100 payable to Judo Canada and a photograph (only the

1st time) must accompany the application. (fee increase effective June 2011).

3.1.8 The cost for hosting National "B" or "C" examinations, including the travel

expenses of the examination panel, is borne by the host province. The host

province, in turn, has the right to establish a cost sharing formula between the

participating provinces.

**National “A” examinations at present are being paid by Judo Canada but year by year

will be subject to Judo Canada budgetary availability.



3.2.1 National examinations will not be conducted at National Championships.

3.2.2 National "A", "B" and "C" examinations will be conducted at selected events as

approved by the Chairperson of the "National Referee Committee".

3.2.3 The examination panel for all National examinations will be appointed by the

"National Referee Committee" according to the following criteria:

National "A"

The examination panel must comprise of at least three International referees,

including one from the Judo Canada Referee Commission, and at least one from

the east and one from the west. The examination must occur during a competition

of at least Inter-Provincial level or higher.

National "B"

The examination panel must comprise of at least two International referees,

including one from the Judo Canada Referee Commission, from two different

provinces. The examination must take place during a competition of at least Inter-

Provincial level.

National "C"

The examination panel must comprise of at least one International referee. The

examination must take place during a competition of at least a Provincial

championship level or higher.

3.2.4 Provinces are responsible for nominating candidates for examination to the

"National Referee Committee".

3.2.5 Each examination is limited to a maximum of 10 candidates. The host province is

eligible to nominate up to 4 candidates and the other provinces are limited to a

total of 2 candidates each. If additional vacancies exist after the registration

deadline has passed the Judo Canada Referee Committee may fill the positions as

it deems appropriate.

3.2.6 In special cases, the examination panel may wish to recommend to the "National

Referee Committee", certification of a candidate above the level being sought.

The "National Referee Committee" will arrive at a decision in consultation with

the examination panel.


3.3.1 The Judo Canada Referee Committee’s intention is to ensure that the most

competent referees officiate at the Senior Canadian Championships and Canada

Winter Games. In this regard, the Committee has implemented a rostering system

for referees. If the referees are deemed competent to officiate at the Senior

Championships level, they are placed on a roster list as being eligible to be

selected by their Provincial Association to referee at the Canadian Senior

Championships. The rostering evaluations are conducted on an ongoing basis and

referees must maintain their competency level. All referees, including rostered

referees, will be assessed at each evaluation tournament. An active rostered

referee will be able to maintain his/her place on the roster list for four years.

3.3.2 All active International Referees are automatically rostered for the Canadian

Senior Championships.

3.3.3 The Judo Canada Referee Committee may designate tournaments as

rostering evaluation tournaments in the future.

3.3.4 Rostering and Selection of referees will be communicated to the Provincial

Referee Directors.



3.4.1 The candidate must be a Canadian citizen.

3.4.2 The candidate must meet PJC/IJF age and dan requirements:

- International - rank of Sandan or higher; age 29 to 55 years

- Continental - rank of Nidan or higher; age 25 to 50 years


World rankings of International referees are maintained by the IJF and used for selection to International events, World Championships, and Olympic games.

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